Mentoring is a central part of Health Education England (HEE) 2015 Government Guidance for delivery of medical aesthetic procedures. These recommendations require you to see 40 patients as part of your training. As a result, the SEBASTIAN ROSE MEDICAL AESTHETICS TRAINING ACADEMY FOUNDATION COURSES, along with our MENTORING PROGRAMMES, are specifically designed to help you meet these guidelines.  Our FULL INTENSIVE MENTORSHIP PROGRAMME is designed for you to treat 40 clients and thereby fulfil the criteria set by the government, transforming you from a novice clinician to a recognised, verified, experienced aesthetic practitioner. 

This programme is recommended for those whom have successfully completed our FOUNDATION COURSES. If you are completely new to the world of medical aesthetics and looking to become an experienced practitioner quickly and easily, our FULL CAREER ACCELERATOR PROGRAMME will take you from complete inexperience to fully-fledged, independent aesthetic practitioner in less than two weeks. Find out more here.


In Clinic, Cardiff


5 full days OR

10 half-days


Expert Trainers


1:1 Supervised Practice


All models and materials provided


Treat 40 clients


Cost: £4'999


Our intensive MENTORSHIP PROGRAMME  is specifically designed to help you perfect the knowledge and skills learned on your FOUNDATION COURSE(S) whilst enabling you to meet the minimum standards for independent practice as set out by Health Education England (HEE) Government Guidelines: Qualification requirements for delivery of cosmetic procedures: Non-surgical cosmetic interventions (2015). You will treat all areas and conditions covered in your foundation course(s), observing 20 client treatments and then performing 20 client treatments under direct supervision, thus meeting HEE requirements. 

We offer flexible timings so you are able to complete the mentorship programme around your current commitments, with the ability to 'fast-track' or take the programme at a pace to suit you (over a maximum of six months). You can choose to complete your mentorship as quickly as within 5 full days or 10 half-days, or work through the programme flexibly, attending the clinic once a week over five weeks. 


Practising your newly acquired skills on real clients in a real clinic allows you to reflect and improve upon your consultation skills and fine motor abilities, transforming you from a novice practitioner to an experienced medical aesthetic clinician. 

If you want to be able to independently practice - whether as part of your own business, or working in an established clinic - both dermal fillers (DFs) and B0T0X, this means a minimum of observing 20 client treatments, and treating 20 clients (a total of 40 clients) on top of any initial course / certification: therefore a mentorship programme such as our FULL MENTORSHIP PROGRAMME is strongly recommended.


If you are new to medical aesthetics, and / or thinking of starting your career, our FULL CAREER ACCELERATOR programme ensures that you meet all of HEE requirements, whilst taking you from B0T0X & DERMAL FILLER FOUNDATION all the way to competent, experienced practitioner in less than 2 weeks.

Our FULL MENTORSHIP PROGRAMME is recommended for those who have undertaken initial training / certification but do not have any - or much - clinical experience.


Practise your newly acquired skills and knowledge on 40 clients under direct mentorship and expert supervision

Achieve the minimum practice standards as required by the HEE 2015 Government Guidance 

Perform the full treatment journey, from consultation to after-care

Logbook and sign-offs provided on successful completion

Builds confidence and 'real world' skills

Fine-tune, up-skill, or practise the basics

Learn and practise an array of injection techniques

Practice mixing the correct dosages of injectable for various indications

Receive personalised, constructive feedback from both clients and mentor

Every client is different,  and practising your skills in a real clinic enables you to see patients of all backgrounds, genders, ages, races etc, vastly improving your adaptability and thus future clinical practice


Our MENTORSHIP PROGRAMME is designed with flexibility in mind, and can be taken either as a fast-track (5 full days or 10 half-days) or once a week for 5 weeks (must be undertaken within a maximum of six months). You will work through your logbook (provided to you) under direct mentorship, and be signed off accordingly with every successful treatment. You will continuously receive feedback, and be able to focus on your strengths whilst working upon and improving any weaknesses. You will provide treatments to at least 40 clients, and may perform more than one treatment on any single client.    


On successful completion of all elements of our FULL INTENSIVE MENTORSHIP PROGRAMME, you will receive:

B0T0X FOUNDATION - Certificate of Competence

DERMAL FILLER FOUNDATION - Certificate of Competence

FULL MENTORSHIP PROGRAMME - Certificate of Completion

Completed Logbook

Ongoing help and support (for up to six weeks)

On successful completion of the course, you will be able to:

Deliver learned aesthetic treatments safely, appropriately and proficiently

Understand and demonstrate insight into the limitations of your own proficiencies and scope of competence and practice

Be able to understand and describe the most appropriate ways of dealing with duties of candour, complaints, and escalation of concerns and problems

Be able to communicate effectively and openly with clients

Be able to accurately assess an individual patient/ client’s needs

Be able to identify and explain the relevant risks and possible side-effects of the proposed treatment(s) and how to mitigate them

Be able to undertake a thorough medical, social, and psychological history, including any current medications, to inform the management plan

Be able to identify instances when treatment is not in the client’s best interest

Be able to provide a rationale for decisions to treat and not to treat, and also for choice of modality

Be able to describe and understand the influences that can affect the choices made by clients and practitioners about aesthetic interventions to be used

Be able to encourage and guide clients to foster realistic expectations, in order to enhance safety, manage expectations, and make best use of their consultation time to deliver the best possible results

Be able to apply the principles of evidence-based practice

Be able to describe and understand possible interactions between different procedures, and demonstrate how to apply that knowledge

Be able to use your knowledge and skills to achieve optimal results whilst minimising the risk of complications

Be able to recognise your own professional accountability, and take responsibility for delivery of procedures

Be able to manage your practice in an ethical way

Be able to explain and understand  the roles and relationships of others involved in the prescription, delivery and supervision of aesthetic interventions



Our mentorship programmes are ran throughout the year on a rolling basis. Enquire now about available dates to suit you.




Our FULL CAREER ACCELERATOR PROGRAMME will take you from complete inexperience to fully-fledged, independent aesthetic practitioner in less than two weeks. Find out more here.