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'Clara' - Implant Grade Balls Dangle Stud

'Clara' - Implant Grade Balls Dangle Stud


Introducing the "Clara Stud with Descending Beaded Balls," a distinctive piece of jewelry that combines playful charm with elegant design. Named "Clara," reflecting a sense of clarity and lightness, this stud is a celebration of unique style and meticulous craftsmanship.


Expertly crafted from the finest implant-grade materials, the "Clara" stud ensures durability and offers a hypoallergenic option, perfect for those with sensitive skin. This stud features an exquisite design of descending beaded balls, creating a captivating cascade effect that adds movement and interest to any ensemble. Each bead is polished to perfection, reflecting light and drawing attention with its subtle yet striking appeal. Available in your choice of a classic silver or a warm gold color, the "Clara" stud is a versatile and delightful addition to any jewelry collection.


To enhance your experience with the "Clara" stud, we provide a complimentary piercing service. This exclusive service, carried out by professional piercers in a sterile and secure environment, ensures that your new jewelry is not just worn but is an integral part of your personal expression.


Whether you're looking to inject a touch of whimsy into your daily attire or seeking a distinctive accessory for special occasions, the "Clara Stud with Descending Beaded Balls" in gold or silver is more than an adornment—it's a statement of playful elegance, a nod to refined design, and an expression of your unique aesthetic.


Embrace the charming allure of "Clara" and let your style be adorned with the graceful beauty of descending beaded balls, making every moment a celebration of individuality and grace.


Price is for a single stud.


Suitable for initial piercing.

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