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'Elena' - Implant Grade CZ Lightening Bolt Drop Studs

'Elena' - Implant Grade CZ Lightening Bolt Drop Studs

PriceFrom £29.99

Introducing "Elena", the Implant Grade Titanium Threadless Lightning Bolt earrings.


These enchanting earrings blend timeless elegance with a dash of daring, featuring a radiant round, bezel-set cubic zirconia, paired with a striking lightning bolt dangle that adds an electrifying touch to your look.


Forged from the finest implant-grade titanium, "Elena's Spark" guarantees both exceptional durability and hypoallergenic comfort, ideal for those with sensitive skin. The robustness of titanium ensures that your earrings remain a lustrous and steadfast companion in your fashion endeavors.


The state-of-the-art threadless push-in design enhances the user experience by combining simplicity with security, facilitating easy insertion and removal while ensuring a snug, worry-free fit. This modern design innovation keeps your earrings perfectly in place, allowing you to shine confidently throughout your day.


Every purchase of 'Elena' comes with a complimentary professional piercing service, ensuring a safe and comfortable start to your journey with these stunning earrings. Our skilled technicians use the most advanced, hygienic methods for a quick and painless piercing process.


Whether you're elevating your daily attire or adding a spark to your evening ensemble, "Elena" earrings are a versatile and captivating choice. Embrace the fusion of artisanal craftsmanship and bold design with these exquisite earrings, and let "Elena'" illuminate your path to impeccable style.


Price is for a single stud, or two studs depending on your selection


Suitable for initial piercing.

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