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'Harriet' - Implant Grade Bumpy Heart Stud

'Harriet' - Implant Grade Bumpy Heart Stud

PriceFrom £19.99

Introducing "Harriet," our charming heart-shaped stud earring, adorned with a unique bumped finish that adds a delightful texture and depth to its design. Expertly crafted from the highest quality implant-grade titanium, "Harriet" is available in both gold and silver tones, providing a versatile and hypoallergenic choice for individuals with sensitive skin or a preference for superior, non-reactive jewelry.


"Harriet" captures the essence of romance and playfulness with its heart shape, while the bumped finish introduces a contemporary twist, creating an engaging play of light that enhances its allure. This design not only offers a fresh take on a classic symbol of love but also ensures that "Harriet" serves as a standout piece, perfect for everyday wear or special occasions.


Whether you choose the inviting warmth of the gold tone or the sleek sophistication of the silver tone, "Harriet" is designed to complement your personal style while offering the comfort and long-lasting wearability of implant-grade titanium. Celebrated for its robustness, resistance to corrosion, and biocompatibility, this material ensures that "Harriet" remains a beloved and enduring element of your jewelry collection.


With the purchase of "Harriet," we are pleased to provide a complimentary piercing service, allowing you to experience your new heart-shaped stud with the utmost convenience and professional care.


Embrace the endearing charm and exceptional craftsmanship of "Harriet," a piece that marries whimsical design with the practical benefits of implant-grade titanium, making it not just an accessory but a meaningful expression of style and affection.


Price is for a single stud or a pair, depending on your choice.


Suitable for initial piercing.

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