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'Leila' - Implant Grade Double Chevron Hoop

'Leila' - Implant Grade Double Chevron Hoop


Introducing "Leila," a single, sophisticated earring that encapsulates modern elegance with a unique twist.


"Leila" is a smooth double chevron hoop earring, exquisitely crafted from the highest quality implant-grade titanium. This distinctive piece is available in both a sleek silver color and a luxurious gold hue, offering versatility to complement any style or occasion.


"Leila" stands out with its double chevron design, a contemporary take on the classic hoop that adds a dynamic and stylish edge to your look. The smooth finish of the titanium provides a sleek, polished appearance that catches the light beautifully, enhancing the earring's visual appeal.


Made from implant-grade titanium, "Leila" ensures durability and hypoallergenic safety, ideal for everyday wear, especially for those with sensitive skin. This material's top-notch quality guarantees that the earring will retain its allure and structural integrity over time.


Upon purchasing "Leila," you'll benefit from a complimentary professional piercing service. Our expert technicians employ the latest, most hygienic methods to deliver a smooth, comfortable piercing experience, enabling you to enjoy your new earring with total confidence and comfort.


Whether you opt for the contemporary cool of silver or the warm richness of gold, "Leila" is a versatile and elegant choice. Its unique double chevron design offers a fresh and fashionable take on the hoop earring, making it a perfect addition to your jewelry collection for those who value the blend of innovative design and timeless sophistication.


Price is per single hoop.


Suitable for initial piercing.

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