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'Lucy' - Implant Grade CZ Leaf Stud

'Lucy' - Implant Grade CZ Leaf Stud

PriceFrom £24.99

Introducing "Lucy," our exquisite leaf-shaped stud earring, a symbol of nature's elegance and serenity. Crafted from the finest implant-grade titanium, "Lucy" embodies the perfect harmony of sophistication and comfort, making it an excellent choice for those with sensitive skin or a preference for hypoallergenic jewelry.


The design of "Lucy" is inspired by the graceful contours of a leaf, capturing the essence of natural beauty. Adorned with a stunning cubic zirconia at its core, this earring sparkles with a brilliance that mirrors the dewdrops of a fresh morning, offering a touch of sparkle that's both refined and captivating.


Crafted with precision, "Lucy" utilizes implant-grade titanium, ensuring that your adornment is not only beautiful but also durable and biocompatible. This high-quality material guarantees that "Lucy" is as gentle on your skin as a leaf is to the touch, ensuring a comfortable and worry-free wearing experience.


With the purchase of "Lucy," we are pleased to offer a complimentary piercing service, allowing you to enjoy your new leaf-shaped cubic zirconia stud with the utmost convenience and professional care.


Embrace the elegance of "Lucy," where the allure of nature meets the pinnacle of craftsmanship, creating a piece that's not just worn, but cherished.


Price is for a single stud or a pair, depending on your choice.


Suitable for initial piercing.

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