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'Sophia' - Implant Grade Quadruple Marquise

'Sophia' - Implant Grade Quadruple Marquise


Meet "Sophia''. These charming earrings epitomize luxury and adaptability, showcasing four marquise-cut cubic zirconia stones arranged elegantly in a fan shape, embodying grace and sophistication.


"Sophia" is crafted from premium implant-grade titanium, ensuring longevity and hypoallergenic safety, making them perfect for even the most sensitive ears. This high-quality titanium promises that your earrings will be a durable and cherished addition to your jewelry collection.


These earrings are available in three enchanting colors, offering you the versatility to select the perfect shade that resonates with your personal style or the occasion.


Whether you prefer the classic elegance of gold, the cool sophistication of silver, or the vibrant allure of a third color option, "Sophia" has you covered.


The threadless push-in design exemplifies contemporary jewelry design, blending ease of use with steadfast security. This allows for simple insertion and removal while providing a secure, flawless fit, so you can wear your earrings with confidence and grace.


With every pair of "Sophia's" earrings, you'll receive a complimentary professional piercing service. Our expert piercers use the most advanced, sterile techniques to ensure a quick, painless, and safe piercing experience.


Embrace the versatility and elegance of "Sophia" whether you're dressing up for a special occasion or adding a touch of class to your everyday look. With its array of color options and the choice between gold and silver, these earrings are designed to highlight your unique style and add a sophisticated touch to any ensemble.


Price is per single stud,.


Suitable for initial piercing.

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