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'Zara' - Implant Grade CZ Double Hoop

'Zara' - Implant Grade CZ Double Hoop


Introducing "Zara," an exquisite earring that epitomizes modern sophistication. This piece features a double hoop design, meticulously crafted from the finest implant-grade titanium. Available in both silver and gold hues, "Zara" offers the flexibility to match any style or occasion.


At its heart, "Zara" boasts a radiant cubic zirconia gem, expertly set to capture and reflect light, offering the splendor of diamonds. This earring stands as a beacon of contemporary elegance, providing a subtle yet captivating glimmer to enhance any look.


Constructed from implant-grade titanium, "Zara" is synonymous with durability and hypoallergenic comfort, making it ideal for everyday wear, even for those with sensitive skin. The double hoop design injects a fresh, modern twist into the classic hoop earring, combining innovative style with the reliability of high-quality materials.


Moreover, with your purchase of "Zara," you'll receive a complimentary professional piercing service. Our skilled technicians employ the most advanced, hygienic methods to ensure a smooth, comfortable piercing experience, allowing you to don your new earring with ease and confidence.


Whether you opt for the sleek shimmer of silver or the rich luster of gold, "Zara" is a versatile and elegant choice, poised to elevate your style with its understated charm and contemporary design.


Price is per single hoop.


Suitable for initial piercing.

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