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Alluzience, the world's first long-lasting botox!

  • 10 min
  • From 199 British pounds
  • 39 Charles Street

About this treatment

BOTOX THAT LASTS UP TO SIX MONTHS! Erase and soften fine lines and wrinkles. Alluzience is a brand new, world first botulinum toxin preparation that lasts up to 6 months (double the time of 'standard' botox preparations such as Azzalure, Botox, and Bocouture). We are the first to offer Alluzience in Wales, indeed, the first to offer Alluzience in the UK (that we know of!) - Quicker onset than Azzalure, Botox, Bocouture, and Letybo. Rapid response within a few days - Long-lasting, up to 6 months (average) vs. 3 months (standard botox preparations as above) - Affordable, effective, safe - Free from human and animal-derived proteins ​ Have you ever imagined only having to go for your botox appointment twice a year? OR having it 'kick in' before that important event in three days? With standard botox, this wasn't possible: with Alluzience, now it is a reality. Find out more about Alluzience by visiting the Alluzience page on our website, where you will find many FAQ's and further details. IMPORTANT NOTICE: Kindly note that if you have NOT visited us before, you need to have a consultation at least 48 hours before B0T0X treatment, and also submit your medical form (via the link which is sent to you upon making a booking). If you have not already had a consultation with us, please do not proceed with booking this service and click 'BOOK A CONSULTATION' from the side tab. If you have already visited us and had anti-wrinkle / B0T0X injections WITH US this is NOT necessary, and you can continue to book via this tab.


By continuing & making a booking, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to our terms & conditions. You must be over the age of 18.

Contact Details

  • 39 Charles Street

    Sebastian-Rose Medical Aesthetics, Charles Street, Cardiff, UK

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