IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please be advised that if you are making a booking prior to our actual, physical day of opening (as in, we have already reopened) with the ever changing current situation there currently remains the risk of the Welsh Government changing current advice and preventing us from opening on this day (22nd June, 2020). By making a booking, you confirm that you have understood this. Should this occur, you will be contacted as soon as possible, and your booking moved over to a convenient time and date with the rescheduled opening.


Your safety has always been our priority, and we have taken extra measures at this time to ensure it remains so. Our COVID-19 infection control protocol implemented in clinic is based upon, and adheres to, the international guidance as set in the peer-reviewed journal 'Dermatologic Therapy', entitled: 'COVID-19 Pandemic Consensus for Preferred Practices in an Aesthetic Clinic'; along with guidance as issued by the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses (BACN) and Government Guidance.

Please be advised of the following before booking an appointment and attending the clinic. 

 1     You will be required to fill out an electronic pre-screening questionnaire, consent, and medical history form before your proposed treatment. The link to this will be sent to you in your 'reminder' email the day before treatment. If you do not receive this, please call us on 0800 772 0137.

 2     Only one person (the client being treated) is permitted into the clinic at any one time. Please do NOT attend with family or friends: they will be asked to wait outside or in their car. Two members who live in the same household may attend the clinic together, but only one person at a time will be treated in the treatment room: the other must wait in the waiting room.

 3     Please ensure you arrive promptly for your appointment at the allotted time. If you arrive too early, you may be asked to wait outside if we are treating another client at this time. If you are too late, you may be required to rebook and lose your appointment. This will result in the loss of any deposit paid for that booking. This is due to both reducing the risk of possible infection (only 1 person in the clinic at any one time) and to allow for cleaning in-between clients (it can take 10-15 minutes for any certain cleaning products to work).

 4     You are welcome to wear your own facial shield, and in fact this is encouraged. However, please do NOT attend the clinic wearing your own gloves. We ask that you dispose of any gloves BEFORE entering the clinic.

 5     We have provided you with a SANITATION STATION. Please use this immediately upon entering the clinic, and again before leaving the clinic.

 6      Please do NOT attend your appointment if: you feel at all unwell, have a new cough (even if you think it's 'just hayfever'!), have a fever, have any loss of sense of taste and / or smell, have had any recent contact (within the last 14 days) of anyone diagnosed with COVID-19. Additionally, do NOT attend if you are experiencing any symptoms that are 'not normal' for you, such as (but not limited to): fatigue, body aches, headache, sore throat, nausea or diarrhoea.

 7     Our staff will be wearing PPE. You may also be asked to wear certain PPE if this is deemed necessary for your (and our!) health. 

 8    If you are having LIP FILLER, MARIONETTE LINES, SMOKERS LINES or any other treatment that involves the mouth and / or surrounding area, you may be asked to gargle CLINISEPT mouthwash for 15 seconds prior to the treatment. You will be provided with a patient leaflet about this product in the clinic. This is for our clinicians safety, as the viral 'load' of COVID-19 in positive patients is concentrated in the mucus membranes. CLINISEPT MOUTHWASH is an antimicrobial, bactericidal, fungicidal, virucidal, and sporicidal mouthwash that has been demonstrated to lower the risk of COVID-19 transmission.  It does not contain chlorhexidine, alcohol, colouring or flavouring. It is non cyto-toxic and is hypoallergenic.  This, and all accompanying equipment will be provided free of charge. Kindly note that if our clinician feels the treatment calls for preparation with clinisept mouthwash, unless you have any allergies and / or contraindications against using this product, failure to abide by this part of infection control may result in us being unable to safely treat you. If this is the case, we will be unable to proceed with treatment and you will lose your deposit. 

 9     You will be asked to complete and additional COVID-19 risk questionnaire in addition to the normal medical, social, and psychological history. You will be asked to confirm that you without any symptoms, and have not had any recent contact (previous 14 days) with anyone diagnosed with COVID-19.


       To reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19, we will (unfortunately!) not be providing any refreshments such as tea, coffe, or water until further notice. Please bring your own water bottle with you and take it home with you.

       As we have removed all non-essential 'clutter', we will not have our normal reading material (magazines, leaflets) available for your perusal. If you would like any leaflets or price-lists, please ask and these will be given to you to take home. 

 11     CHEMICAL PEELS - We will not be offering chemical peels at this time, as in order to make the experience comfortable for you during the treatment fans are required. Under the current infection control guidance, fans should NOT be used unless absolutely necessary due to the risk of circulating virus-loaded air within the clinic. We will update this when we are able.

 12     Please do not bring unnecessary belongings with you into the clinic. A container will be provided for you to place handbags, keys, mobile phones etc. This is decontaminated in-between clients.

 13     Please be advised that the current situation with regards to COVID-19 remains uncertain and ever-changing. Please be advised that in the event of a further lockdown, or of a member of staff themselves becoming unwell, we may be unable (during any such period) to provide any follow-up services, such as but not limited to): 'top-ups'; routine 'checks'; address any possible complications (as described in your consent form) - for example, administering steroids and / or topical medications; adjustment of any undesirable or unintended aesthetic outcome. If a further lockdown does occur, and you experience anything unintended or undesirable such as common - to - rare side effects and / or complications, unintended / undesired aesthetic outcome, the overwhelming majority of these will not be life-threatening and should resolve spontaneously at home. As always, as discussed in clinic, should you experience any serious side-effects during or after any treatment, medical advice (as in, your GP and / or local A&E) should be sought immediately. Any corrective procedures / treatments will not be available during this time. No refunds or financial compensation will be offered during such circumstances that our beyond our control. By making a booking and proceeding with any treatment, you confirm that you have read and understood these conditions.

 14     B0T0X - If you are having a standard B0T0X treatment, which typically involves the frown lines, crows feet, and forehead lines (or combination thereof) we may ask you to wear a surgical face mask to cover your mouth and nose. If so, these will be provided free of charge.

 15     We will NOT be offering 'dental blocks' at this time, due to the increased risk of procedures inside the mouth. Kindly be advised that we will offer you topical numbing cream as an alternative (and in fact, over 99% of our clients do NOT need a dental block!)

 16     Circumstances can change rapidly. If you are booked in for any 'course' of treatment, and become unwell and / or display any of the signs and symptoms as mentioned above in-between sessions, we request that you contact us to rearrange and defer your next session until such time it is safe for you to have it. 

 17     We reserve the right to refuse anyone that we believe (in our clinical opinion) to be displaying any signs and / or symptoms of a possible COVID-19 infection. If this is a result of the pre-screening questionnaire that is submitted the day before treatment, your booking will be moved to a date more than 14 days in the future and you will not lose your deposit. However, if the pre-screening is not submitted and on attendance, unless previously advised by yourself prior to the treatment, you are displaying and signs / symptoms of a possible COVID-19 infection, we will not be able to proceed with treatment and this will result in the loss of any deposit paid for that day.

 18     We are not allowing group bookings at the moment, and ask you not to attend with friends (see above).

 19    Children are NOT permitted to attend the clinic during this time that COVID-19 protocol is active. Please do NOT bring your children. If you arrive with any children, we reserve the right to refuse to treat you and any deposit(s) paid will be forfeit (non-refundable). Please contact us to discuss whether we can help you if you are unable to find childcare, as we can move your booking into such time that you are able to attend safely. 

 20     Certain services / treatments are unavailable at this time until further notice. We will not be offering chemical peels at this time.



     Our staff will be wearing hospital scrubs to lower the risk of infection

     Our staff will be wearing PPE, which comply with government guidelines. This includes single use fluid-resistant surgical face masks (Type IIR) to protect against respiratory droplets, and full polycarbonate facial shields

     Only one person is permitted inside the clinic at any one time, with the exception of two members (maximum) of the same household. Therefore, strict appointment times must be observed (see above)

     We are currently NOT offering group bookings to further minimise the risk

     Alcohol gels are provided throughout the clinic, including a SANITATION STATION 

     Disposable tissues are available throughout the clinic 

     All non-essential clutter such as magazine and leaflet are removed to reduce the risk of cross-contamination

     No refreshments will be available during this time to minimise any risk of cross-infection

     All areas of the clinic are cleaned daily, and also in-between clients, using detergents effective against COVID-19

     70% alcohol sprays, gels, etc will also be used where and when appropriate

     Pens, clipboards etc are disinfected in-between clients

     We request that you remove your gloves prior to entering the clinic. We advise - and encourage - you to wear your own face masks / shields when appropriate.

     We will not be offering chemical peels at this time due to the increased risk of circulating air with use of a fan.

     You may be asked to wear a face-mask and / or to use CLINISEPT MOUTHWASH prior to your treatment if deemed necessary.

     Contact time will be minimised. Although we LOVE chatting with you, we will be limiting any non-essential conversation to a minimum

     Anyone displaying signs and / or symptoms of possible COVID-19 infection will be refused treatment. This may result in loss of any deposit paid for that day unless previously advised in advance by yourself. 

     You will be asked to place any personal belongings onto a tray that will be provided. This is disinfected in-between clients.

     You will be asked to abide by all terms, conditions, and infection control protocols as mentioned 

     Children are NOT permitted into the clinic at this time. Please arrange alternative child-care. If you are unable to do so, get in touch and we will rebook for a later date (48 hours notice required). Note that if you do attend your appointment with a child we reserve the right to refuse to treat and you will lose any deposit paid



We take a fully refundable deposit of £40 for all of our consultations including those that are free of charge. This is to secure the booking slot and the medical practitioner's time. Your deposit can be refunded in clinic or used against a treatment or service*


If, for whatever reason, you are unable to attend, please let us know 48 hours prior to your appointment. Failure to cancel or rearrange with a full 48 hours notice will result in the loss of any deposit paid.  If you have paid for a course of treatment in full and therefore have not paid a separate £40 deposit for each appointment, failure to attend any of your scheduled appointment  without 48 hours notice will result in a payable charge of £40 to rearrange the appointment and this will be due in full on your subsequent attendance to the clinic. Cancelling an appointment 48 hours before your appointment allows us to reschedule at your convenience without any loss of deposit and / or treatment, and enables us to offer the slot to someone who may otherwise have to wait much longer for an appointment. 

Similarly, if a 'last minute' booking has been made and would therefore fall outside our cancellation period, failure to attend your appointment will result in loss of your deposit. 

If you are delayed for any reason, kindly let us know with as much notice as possible. We will always strive to accommodate but this may not always be possible due to the high volume of bookings, the length of each clients appointment, and the working hours of any particular practitioner on any given day.

Conversely, if for any reason we have to cancel your appointment (we are human, too!), we will endeavour to arrange an alternative appointment at a time and date convenient for yourself. We promise to try our best to reach you on the contact details provided by yourself during booking. If, due to our inability to carry out the original appointment and an alternative booking is, for whatever reason, unsatisfactory to yourself, a full refund will be issued. 

With regards to cancellations and deposits in light of the current COVID-19 situation, if you are unwell and advise us of this prior to your appointment, we will rebook you in at a future date. This will not result in the loss of any deposit. However, if on arrival, our clinician(s) believe you to be displaying any signs and / or symptoms of a possible COVID-19 infection, OR you are living with / have had close contact within the last 14 days of anyone with a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19, we reserve the right to refuse to treat you. In these circumstances your deposit will be forfeit. 


Simple non-attendance without any notification from yourself in any case will result in the loss of any deposit paid. This also applies to late cancellation (i.e, given with less than a full 48 hours notice).  



You MUST arrive promptly to your appointment, as we are operating a strict one person in the clinic at any one time policy. Our strict appointment times enable us to ensure that there is only one client on the premise at any one time, and allows us to implement infection control (cleaning) in-between clients. If you arrive too early for your appointment, we may still be treating and / or cleaning. You WILL be asked to wait outside. If you are too late for your appointment, again due to the strict one person in the clinic protocol, we may be unable to treat you as your allotted ;time slot' may therefore run over into the next appointment, preventing us from keeping to this policyand also cleaning. If this is the case, you will be able to rebook but you will lose any deposit paid for that appointment. If you are running late for whatever reason, please call the clinic on 0800 772 0137 and we will advise you as to whether we can fit you in on your late arrival, or whether you will have to rebook. This guidance supersedes any previous terms and conditions with regards to arrival times.

We ask that you arrive promptly at the time of your appointment. Arriving more than ten minutes prior to your appointment mens you may be waiting. Arriving later than your appointment time may result in your allotted slot either being shorter than originally allotted or possible forfeit of the appointment. If, for whatever reason, you are 'unreasonably late' (we deem this to be more than 15 minutes after the start time of your appointment) we will again try our best to contact you and also to treat you - however, during busy periods we may have to reschedule your appointment and this may result in loss of any deposit. If you are over 15 minutes late for your appointment and we are unable to fit you in due to the constraints of the clinic / our practitioners at that time, your deposit is non-refundable.



Children are NOT permitted into the clinic at this time and until further notice. Please be advised that if you bring your child we will refuse to treat you due to infection control and current protocol. You will be offered a rebooking, but kindly note that you will lose any deposit paid for that attendance.


Children are more than welcome in the clinic. However, we do ask that if your child is under the age of 16 years they are accompanied by another adult to supervise them during your treatment. We do not allow children into the treatment room. We do not allow children under the age of 16 to be unsupervised in the clinic grounds at any time. We do not have extra staff available to supervise your child and would not legally be able to do so even if we did - so as much as we adore kids, please do not ask! Failure to bring an appropriate adult chaperone to supervise any child under the age of 16 may mean we are unable to provide your treatment and may result in loss of your deposit and / or appointment. 


A deposit is required at the time of booking in order to secure your appointment. On booking, our staff and time is dedicated to you and we are unable to offer this space to anyone else who may want to book at the same time. Therefore, if, for whatever reason, insufficient notice or cancellation as per our policy and / or non-attendance occurs, this will result in loss of your deposit and / or appointment as noted above.


The cost of all package deals is required up-front. Any package deal purchased is solely for the use of the client, and no part of a package deal is transferrable under any circumstances. If, for whatever reason, after purchasing a package deal you decide not to have certain elements of it, there is no refund on any part of the package. All packages, services and treatments are non-refundable. All elements of a package deal must be carried out within a maximum of 12 months. No parts of a package deal can be carried forward out of a 12 month period, and no refund will be given if you do not use any elements of said package.


We no longer offer membership packages. However, we are honouring existing memberships 


Discount codes are redeemable only for the product, treatment or service for which they are specified. Discount codes are one-time-se only, and are not transferrable. 


Any treatments purchased as part of a 'course' must be paid in full at the time of booking unless alternative finance has otherwise been arranged and / or otherwise specified during the booking process. All treatment courses must be undertaken within a period of 12 months from the date of first treatment. Any subsequent treatments or unused treatments will not be refunded, nor can they be 'rolled forward' out of the 12 month window.

Courses of treatments are non-transferrable - i.e, you cannot 'give' one to another person. 


We offer two types of modelling opportunities.

WITH OUR CLINICIAN IN CLINIC - 1:1 From time to time, when we introduce a new product, service, or treatment in clinic, we sometimes offer a limited number of spaces for clients to take advantage of the product, treatment, or service at a heavy discount to the normal price.  To be eligible for a modelling opportunity, you must be suitable for the product, service, or treatment (as per out treatment suitability T&C). A full consultation will be carried out beforehand, and to qualify for the modelling opportunity you must agree to us taking , using, and sharing any before and after pictures as we deem necessary on any of our online channels (social media, website, etc). 

AS PART OF OUR TRAINING ACADEMY - As part of our official TRAINING ACADEMY, we will occasionally require 'models' on whom to administer anti-wrinkle injections and / or dermal fillers to teach our delegates. All of our delegates (those attending our courses) are medical professionals - GMC / NMC / GPhC registered. A full consultation will be carried out on all models who wish to book onto any of our modelling opportunities to assess suitability and safety of the product for the individual.   Normal suitability conditions apply, and if you are not suitable to be a modelling candidate but have paid for the service you will be issued with a full refund.

Our standard cancellation terms and conditions as applied to standard bookings in clinic do not apply to modelling bookings. If we are unable to treat you (either because you are not suitable from the initial consultation) and / or we are unable to ultimately provide the service (due to cancellation from our end for any reason) you will be entitled to a refund. However, any cancellation from your end (regardless of the notice given, and for any reason whatsoever) will result in the loss of any and all monies paid for the treatment. The 48 hour cancellation window applied to standard clinic bookings does not apply to the modelling bookings. This is necessary as it is crucial for the smooth running of our training academy that our models attend, and it may be difficult for us to find another model if you cancel. The only exception to this (valid until further notice) is any COVID-19 related illness or contact. Payment for the whole treatment must be paid in full and up front. We do not accept deposits for any of our modelling services. 

With regards to TIER 2 MODELLING LIST you will be charged a one-off fee of £50 to join. This is deducted from the first of any treatments booked with us as part of the modelling list service, and any discount does not apply to standard clinic bookings (exception noted below). We will contact models on our register who have paid the £50 joining fee as and when any TIER 2 opportunities arise, as well as giving our registered models 'first refusal' of any TIER 1 and TIER 3 opportunities before they are advertised on social media platforms / on our website. We do not guarantee to offer you times or dates to suit you, and cannot work around your schedule. You will be offered specific dates and times as available, and then must pay for the remainder of the cost of the treatment up front and in full. If we offer you a service / treatment and a date and time and you refuse the opportunity, this is counted as us offering you a treatment / service and the 12 month term as noted below does not apply. As above, standard terms and conditions do not apply to cancellation(s), and any cancellation from your end, regardless of any notice period given, will result in the loss of any and all monies paid for the service(s) booked (with the exception of COVID-19 related illness and / or confirmed contact). If we are unable to offer you any TIER 2 modelling opportunities within a period of 12 months from you joining, we will deduct the £50 from the cost of any of our standard clinic bookings charged at the full and standard cost. No refunds will be issued.


Gift vouchers can be redeemed against any treatment or service at SEBASTIAN ROSE MEDICAL AESTHETICS, excluding any take-home skin care products, subject to our terms and conditions. This gift voucher may be used for treatments and / or services of a higher price than the face value of the gift certificate on payment of the difference. Gift vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash. If the value of the service or treatment is less than the face value of this gift certificate, no cash or credit note will be given for the difference. Any money owing will be added to the remaining balance on the gift certificate. This gift certificate cannot be redeemed online. Gift certificates cannot be exchanged or refunded, except in accordance with your legal rights. Gift certificates are valid for a period of 12 months from the date of issue. SEBASTIAN ROSE MEDICAL AESTHETICS will not accept liability for any lost, stolen, or damaged gift certificates. If you do not produce your valid gift certificate on attending your appointment, the full cost of any product, treatment or service must be paid via another means. SEBASTIAN ROSE MEDICAL AESTHETICS reserves the right to refuse gift certificates which it deems to have been tampered with, duplicated, damaged, or which otherwise is suspected to be affected by fraud. SEBASTIAN ROSE MEDICAL AESTHETICS reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of gift certificates at any time without notice and to take appropriate action, including cancellation of the gift certificate, if, in its discretion, it deems such action necessary. This does not affect your legal rights. Normal terms and conditions apply to the gift certificate holder regarding treatment and service suitability. Gift certificates are non-refundable and non-transferable, without exception.


Our experienced medical aesthetic practitioners will always suggest a treatment that is suitable, appropriate, and safe for you as an individual. If, for whatever reason, the clinician is unable to carry out a proposed treatment on unsuitable medical grounds (i.e, you are not suitable for the treatment - allergies, contraindications, etc) you will be advised of this during a face-to-face consultation. Alternatives, if available, will be suggested. If we do not feel it is safe or appropriate to treat, we reserve the right to refuse treatment.

Kindly be advised that if you have not visited us for anti-wrinkle injections before, a face-to-face consultation at least 24 hours before the day and time of proposed treatment is MANDATORY. Please do not book for anti-wrinkle injections if you have not visited us already - please ensure to book a consultation first. Failure to note this will result in possible disappointment as without a consultation, you will not be treated.


If our practitioners suspect you are under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs, treatment will be refused and your deposit will not be refunded. This is to ensure your - and our - safety,


All parties involved must have undertaken a full consultation at least 24 hours beforehand (unless they have already been treated at Sebastian-Rose). This is to ensure product / treatment suitability. If any people forming part of the group booking has previously been assessed by Sebastian-Rose and deemed suitable for the treatment(s), no further consultation will be required on the proviso that there has been no change in the individuals medical status since they were last seen. And recent diagnoses, interventions, operations or medical investigations should be disclosed to Sebastian-Rose so product safety can be ensured.

We do not supply alcohol at any of our group bookings for safety reasons. However, you are welcome to drink and supply your own alcohol (within reason) and if so, you accept any and all responsibility for any unintended side-effects or negative effects of any treatment due to your consumption of alcohol. We do NOT recommend alcohol to be drunk during any group booking(s). Having notified you of this in our terms & conditions - which will also be verbally relayed to all members of the party by the treating clinician - you remain wholly liable for your alcohol consumption. 

Furthermore, if the treating clinician deems any person / member of the group booking to be intoxicated, we do reserve the right to refuse treatment on the basis that it may not be possible to gain full & informed consent from a person under the influence of alcohol.


The cost of all wedding packages are to be paid up front, not per session. If a client does not use all of the treatments, services and / or products offered as part of a wedding package, no refund or reimbursement will be given for that not used. Products, services, and / or treatments offered as part of the wedding package cannot be used or extended beyond the timeframe issued for that package. At our discretion, if a wedding is cancelled, we will try our best to make certain allowances in possibly rearranging or extending timeframes as needed. 


We guarantee to match the price of any 'like-for-like' competitor (established clinic) within a 25 mile radius of each of our clinics (we do not recognise treatment given from a clinician's 'home'). The product(s) they use for a particular service must be identical to that used by us, sourced from the manufacturer or a reputable supplier recognised by us as being so. The qualifications of the medical aesthetic professional administering the treatment must be, at a minimum, at the same level of accreditation, qualification and experience of that of the treating clinician. This must be verifiable.


In order to be reimbursed for the price match guarantee, all of these criteria must be met within 7 days from undertaking the treatment with ourselves, and providing evidence of the above is the responsibility of the client. Our Price Match Guarantee is not applicable to any products, services or treatments given as part of a membership package, annual pass, group bookings, block bookings, or wedding packages.


We do not have access to a clients medical records or history and therefore rely on the client being fully open and transparent with regards to the medical questionnaire and any and all questions we may ask to assess your suitability for any particular treatment. If a client, for whatever reason, fails to provide all information correctly and / or omits certain information (e.g, any allergies, medications taken, any acute or chronic diseases) when asked we will not be held liable for any damage that may occur due to the clients failure to disclose or truthfully disclose such information when requested.

The client agrees to comply with all instructions / recommendations given to them by or on behalf of SEBASTIAN-ROSE regarding the care of any treated area. Any loss of, or negative aesthetic result due to the clients failure to adhere with our advice is the responsibility of the client and SEBASTIAN-ROSE does not and will not accept any liability in these situations.​

We do not accept any liability with regards to the current situation and risks associated with COVID-19. 


Once delivered, service and treatment fees are non-refundable.


SEBASTIAN-ROSE endeavours to treat all of its clients appropriately, fairly, and safely. We will always seek to rectify any problems, worries or concerns as they arise and welcome feedback. If, for whatever reason, you are unhappy with any matter related to your treatment at SEBASTIAN-ROSE you are entitled to lodge a complaint, either in person, by telephone, or in writing. If you need assistance with this, SEBASTIAN-ROSE is more than happy to help.

If the matter cannot be resolved immediately, we aim to respond to you in writing within three working days to confirm that an investigation into the matter is underway and that a response will be made as soon as possible.

Complaints of a non-medical nature will be handled by the clinic manager. 

If the complaint is related to the treatment, we advise you to discuss this with the treating practitioner. If you are still unhappy, we will endeavour to seek alternative arrangements with another clinician - although this cannot be guaranteed.  

SEBASTIAN-ROSE will always aim to fully understand and address any concerns.