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Blemish Bootcamp: a 12 week regime with in-clinic peels, facials, and bespoke home skin care.

  • 45 min
  • 345 British pounds
  • 39 Charles Street

About this treatment

BLEMISH BOOTCAMP - AN INTENSE, 12 WEEK REGIME TO GIVE ACNE THE BOOT: GOOD! Are you ready to give acne the boot? Our 12 week Blemish Bootcamp consists of dedicated in-house Million Dollar Peels and Facials. This can be combined with a bespoke, at home clinical grade home-care system to really give acne the boot - All at a great, packaged price! WHAT YOU GET: You get a bespoke, 12 week bootcamp programme, with the option of a targeted, home-care system. The treatments are seen as below: Week 1: Mini Million Dollar Facial Week 3: Million Dollar Immaculate Peel (Eliminate) Week 5: Mini Million Dollar Facial Week 7: Million Dollar Immaculate Peel (Eliminate) Week 9: Mini Million Dollar Facial Week 11: Million Dollar Immaculate Peel (Eliminate) ELIMINATE PEEL: This 45 minute peel helps to calm, restore, and heal the skin - creating a healthy glow. Perfect for active breakouts, comodones and blackheads, whilst improving the appearance of rough skin texture and enlarged pores. Active ingredients include: 12% lactic acid, 12% Glycolic Acid, 2% Salicylic Acid, 5% Niacinamide, 3% Vitamin B5, 3% Beta Glucan, and 2% Hyaluronic Acid. MINI MILLION DOLLAR FACIAL: is a bespoke, hands on 45 Minutes treatment. This facial targets all skin concerns, is suitable for all skin types, and can be recommended as a booster facial. Combines a deep cleanse, optional steam and extraction, exfoliation, lymphatic ice-globe massage, mask, niacinamist, i-Tx, bespoke serum, and moisturise, and SPF 50. Book onto Bootcamp, and say goodbye to your acne for real!


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Contact Details

  • 39 Charles Street

    Sebastian-Rose Medical Aesthetics, Charles Street, Cardiff, UK

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