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  • 1 hour
  • 210 British pounds
  • 39 Charles Street

About this treatment

Our Facial Tic Treatment utilises the renowned technique of Botox injections. Designed to address and alleviate facial tics, this specialised service offers a safe and effective solution for individuals seeking relief from involuntary muscle contractions. Our skilled professionals administer carefully targeted Botox injections, strategically placed to target the specific muscles responsible for facial tics. The neurotoxin properties of Botox work by temporarily blocking the nerve signals that trigger muscle movements, providing a calming effect and reducing the intensity and frequency of facial tics. With our Facial Tic Treatment, you can experience the benefits of smoother, more controlled facial movements, resulting in improved confidence and an enhanced quality of life. Our dedicated team is committed to providing personalised care, ensuring your comfort and satisfaction throughout the treatment process. Discover the transformative effects of our Botox-based Facial Tic Treatment and regain control over your facial muscle movements. Let us help you achieve a more relaxed and natural appearance, allowing your true beauty to shine through.


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Contact Details

  • 39 Charles Street

    Sebastian-Rose Medical Aesthetics, Charles Street, Cardiff, UK


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