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Massage, micro needle. Rejuvenate, de-stress, and protect your hands!

  • 30 min
  • 80 British pounds
  • 39 Charles Street

About this treatment

Million Dollar Hair is a treatment suitable for all. It utilises the method of micro needling to stimulate and regenerate the hair follicles. Incorporating a concentrated hair ampoule, this formula can reduce flaking, restore hair suppleness, improve damaged hair, and improve overall hair and scalp health. Million Dollar Hair can counteract hair loss by stimulating hair growth and fortifying new hair. Weekly sessions as a course is necessary to achieve results. HOW OFTEN SHOULD I HAVE A MILLION DOLLAR HAIR TREATMENT? Million Dollar Hair Treatment is needed as a course, and weekly sessions are required for 8-10 weeks for desired results. If you are not suitable, we may direct you to Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) for superior results.


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Contact Details

  • 39 Charles Street

    Sebastian-Rose Medical Aesthetics, Charles Street, Cardiff, UK

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