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ELASTIderm Eye Cream

ELASTIderm Eye Cream

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ELASTIderm Eye Cream - restore lift, snap and resilience around the eyes!

Formulated with clinically proven ingredients ELASTIderm® products help to reduce the appearance of fine-lines and wrinkles around the eyes, improve the feeling of elasticity and firmness and help promote smoother tighter looking skin.

Has a lightweight, smooth formula that helps rejuvenate the skin around the eyes, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while providing a firmer look.


Obagi ELASTIderm® Eye treatments are proven stand alone eye treatments that deliver real results. By using a unique bi-mineral complex of Copper, Zinc and Malonic Acid, it works to restore the elasticity around your eyes, noticeably reducing visible fine lines and wrinkles. All Obagi ELASTIderm® Products are specially formulated for the delicate skin around the eyes and ophthalmologist tested.


How It Works

ELASTIderm Eye Products aren’t just another eye cream. They work hard to reduce the appearance of visible fine lines and wrinkles and bring back the SNAP. Because the products contain ingredients that are gentle, yet powerful, it’s only available through your Obagi skin care professional.


Provides antioxidants that help eliminate free radicals which deprive skin of its youthful glow


Delivered with roller ball technology it helps to reduce under-eye puffiness


An Obagi technology that helps drive the ingredients deep into the skin where it can get to work.

Only ELASTIderm Eye Products are clinically proven to help:

  • Restore the elasticity in your skin lost or damage by age and sun exposure 46% increase in elasticity in 9 weeks*
  • Reduce visible fine lines and wrinkles by helping to restore elasticity and build collagen
  • 16% decrease in the number of visible wrinkles after 9 weeks, with results in just 2 weeks*


Key Ingredient:
Bi-Mineral Contour Complex™

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