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skinade® MD - Pre + Post Care Surgical Programme

skinade® MD - Pre + Post Care Surgical Programme


We are authorized retailers and distributors of the Skinade MD® Pre + Post Care Surgical Programme. This program is specifically designed to help patients prepare for and recover from plastic, aesthetic, and surgical procedures, enhancing results and reducing downtime.


Undergoing an aesthetic surgical procedure, such as a facelift, breast enhancement, or hair restoration, is a personal decision aimed at boosting self-confidence. Given the significant investment of time and money, proper preparation is essential for optimal results.


Plastic, aesthetic, and reconstructive surgeries are driven by results, and surgeons strive to deliver the best outcomes for their patients. The Skinade MD® Pre + Post Care Surgical Programme was developed in response to demand from top doctors for an internal product protocol to optimize patient care and surgical results.


How Skinade MD® Pre + Post Care Surgical Programme Works:

The program triggers the wound healing response ahead of surgery and addresses specific issues associated with surgical intervention, such as bruising, swelling, scarring, inflammation, and bleeding. Developed with leading surgeons committed to clinical excellence, this 45-day program consists of a specific 4-step protocol.


Available Exclusively from Medical Professionals:

Skinade MD® Pre + Post Care Surgical Programme is available only through medical healthcare professionals and clinics.


Components of the Programme (45 day Supply):

The programme includes:

  • 30 Skinade Better Skin from Within Liquid Sachets (one per day)
  • 15 Skinade Pre Care Powder Sachets (one per day)
  • 15 Skinade Pre Care Capsules (one per day)
  • 15 Skinade Post Care Powder Sachets (one per day)
  • 15 Skinade Post Care Capsules (one per day)
  • 1 Skinade Oral Spray (25ml bottle, three sprays 4-5 times per day or as directed)


How to Use the Programme:

The program includes liquid and powder sachets, capsules, and a sublingual spray to ensure optimal efficacy.


Programme Steps

Pre-Surgery: Delivers 2kDal collagen peptides to the dermis, triggering a targeted wound healing response ahead of surgery for better and quicker healing.

Preparation: From day 16, removes omega and B vitamin compounds while preparing the body with actives to reduce scarring, inflammation, and support tissue remodeling.

Post-Surgery: Continues support with vitamin A for cell proliferation and an oral spray with 8 key ingredients to reduce bruising, swelling, and scarring.

Recovery: From day 31, reintroduces Omegas 3 and 6 and B vitamins to support normal skin function and maintain collagen production for optimum healing.


Key Ingredients:

Collagen Peptides

  • 7000mg 2kDal Collagen Peptides: Triggers fibroblast cells and HAS2 receptors to produce collagen and hyaluronic acid in the dermis.

Vitamin C (as Calcium Ascorbate)

  • Vital for collagen production by fibroblast cells. Acts as a powerful antioxidant.

MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane)

  • Essential for elastin production, prevents collagen fibrosis, and crosslinking. Important for connective tissue repair and remodeling. Acts as a detox agent and anti-inflammatory.

Vitamin B Complex

  • Vital antioxidant compound that supports nutrient delivery by optimizing capillary dilation. Includes B6 and B12, known as ‘feel good’ vitamins, which can help with low moods post-surgery.

Flaxseed Oil (Omega 3 and 6)

  • These essential fatty acids lower inflammation, regulate oil production, and increase hydration levels.


  • Essential amino acid that integrates collagen at a cellular level. Acts as a powerful immune system booster.

Nettle Leaf 2% Silica Powder Extract

  • Silica (SiO2) is necessary for collagen and connective tissue formation after surgery.


  • Present in alpha-keratin found in fingernails, skin, and hair. Helps detoxify harmful toxins and is a precursor to glutathione, a powerful antioxidant with anti-aging effects. Promotes healing after surgery and severe burns, especially when taken with selenium.

Calcareous Marine Algae

  • Provides potent calcium, crucial for the functionality of magnesium.


  • Relieves pain, swelling (inflammation), and fluid retention following trauma and surgery.

Magnesium Citrate

  • Helps mitigate postoperative pain.

Arnica Montana

  • Targets bruising and swelling.


  • Improves surgical wound healing.

Cardus Marianus

  • Enhances lymphatic drainage.


  • Reduces scarring.


  • Abundant in muscle tissue, it plays a crucial role in metabolic response to injury and protein synthesis by increasing available nitrogen.


  • Reduces edema, bruising, pain, and healing time post-trauma and surgery. Best taken with quercetin to enhance absorption (included in formula).

Zinc Gluconate

  • Powerful immune booster essential for skin healing. Matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) are zinc-dependent proteins involved in tissue remodeling and wound healing. Key to enzyme production, including superoxidant dismutase.

Vitamin A (Retinol Acetate)

  • Necessary for growth, differentiation, and maintenance of epithelial tissues. Low levels are associated with excess keratin secretion, making membranes hard and dry. Regulates normal cell proliferation.

Natural Mixed Carotenoids

  • Converted into vitamin A to reduce oxidative DNA damage. Vitamin C helps maintain carotenoids in tissues.

Copper Bisglycinate

  • Contributes to collagen and elastin synthesis. Functions synergistically with zinc and vitamin C.

Sodium Selenite

  • Selenium supports the enzyme Glutathione, inhibiting lipid oxidation.

Citrus Bioflavonoids

  • Reduce swelling and bruising, essential for vitamin C absorption, and protect and repair capillaries. Possess antiviral properties supporting the immune system.

Quercetin Dihydrate

  • Inhibits histamine response and lowers inflammation, preventing fibrosis (scarring) during healing.

Hypericum Perforatum

  • Targets pain and discomfort.

Calendula Officinalis

  • Promotes wound healing.


  • Reduces scarring.

Vitamin K1

  • Targets bruising and coagulation.


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